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About Awakening Akilah

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Meet The Girl Behind The Brand

Hey yall, my given name is Brittany and I am the face and founder of Awakening Akilah, and before you even ask, who is Akilah, let me briefly explain...

To make a long story short, Akilah is a name I chose for myself back when I was 12 years old after my late grandfather guided me to adorn myself with an appellation that was more reflective of my indigenous roots. The name Akilah is of Swahili origin and means WISE and INTELLIGENT and is the name I began calling myself after embarking on my own physical and spiritual healing journey.  


To some, Akilah is just my nickname, but to me, it represents my transformation, the letting go of my old self, and the awakening of the WISE and INTELLIGENT woman I was destined to be.

What Do I D0?

As a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and plant-based advocate, I teach others how to use food as medicine to heal and prevent disease, as well as provide them with tools and resources to help them adopt health conscious lifestyles.


I offer the following services:

  • Private health coaching for acute illness 

  • Plant-based transition programs

  • Health readings for preventative maintenance 

  • Personalized healing regimens

  • Wellness consultations & Life coaching 

  • Plant-based cooking classes

  • Healthy living workshops/classes and so much more... 

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Why Did I Start Awakening Akilah?

I started Awakening Akilah because I desired to create a platform where I could share my knowledge and my experiences and inspire/assist others along their journeys of self growth and wellness. I also wanted to be able to spread awareness of the benefits of plant-based eating, natural living and emotional/mental health, so that others could improve their overall quality of life and eliminate chronic illness and disease for good!
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