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Akilah's Story

Growing up in the "urban" areas of Cincinnati, Ohio, my exposure to health-conscious living was limited to say the least, and because there was a lack of real-life examples of people who lived health-conscious lives, that also looked like me, I spent most of my life completely unaware of how much my diet and day-to-day behaviors affected my health… that’s until I was forced to see the connection! Watch the video above to hear the full story of Awakening Akilah and learn how healing my body of chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and more, helped me find my purpose and my passion.

Before going vegan

What started out as a desperate attempt for healing, turned into passion and purpose, and after experiencing first-hand the transformative power of eating and living healthier, I took a vow to live a life completely committed to bettering myself and continued studying, researching and applying the knowledge I gained.

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Timeline of My Wellness Journey

  • I started changing my diet and lifestyle in 2009.

  • I returned natural with my hair in 2013.

  • I began studying and practicing Ayurveda in 2014.

  • I transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2015.

  • I started publicly sharing my wellness journey on Instagram in 2015.

  • I began studying bio-cosmology, and indigenous naturopathy in 2018.

  • I formed my own health and wellness business in 2019.

As a result of all the changes I made, along with my continued studies, not only was I able to heal my physical body, but my psychological health and awareness improved as well. Changing my diet changed my life, and ultimately it was the gateway that helped me tap in. The cleaner I ate, the more clear minded and connected I felt with myself and the environment around me, and it also taught me about the intricate connection between the mind and body.

baby akilah 2.jpg
baby akilah 2.jpg

Today I embrace all of my experiences, both good and bad, and use my platform to not only showcase my continued spiritual and physical wellness journey, but I also use it to assist others along theirs. By letting the world have a front row seat into my life and my healing journey, I get to inspire and empower others as well as introduce them to all of the things that helped me grow, and It truly feels amazing to be able to do this kind work.

Thanks so much for reading my story, now let's grow and transform together!

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