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Justicia Spicigera, also known as Muicle or Mexican Honeysuckle, is a powerful healing herb native to Mexico, Central and South America. This powerful herb has been a part of Hispanic culture for centuries, and all parts of the plant (leaves, stems and flowers) have been used as a natural dye, and to treat and reverse many health ailments, ranging from dysentery to diabetes and more. This herb is also jam packed with flavonoids (antioxidants) and anthocyanins (plant melanin) which give it strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.


Each bag contains approximately 15 servings (depending on how strong you make each serving).




Muicle is generally regarded as a safe herb and there are limited reports of adverse side effects; however, it may interact with some medications so it is advised to speak with your physician before consuming. Pregnant women should not use this herb, however, it can be used after child birth to help rebuild the blood and cleanse the womb. It is generally safe to use by breast feeding mothers, but consult a physician before use.

Muicle Herbal Tea (15 Servings)

  • Benefits:

    • Boosts iron levels and heals anemia
    • Has anti-sickling properties to treat sickle cell
    • Acts as a natural form of insulin to help regulate elevated blood sugar levels
    • Treats menstrual disorders such as heavy bleeding, painful cramps, and irregular periods
    • Treats headaches
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Helps eliminate digestive issues such as bloating/gas, constipation, and high stomach acid
    • Kills the bacteria that causes Gonorrhea
    • Syrups made from the flowers can eliminate stubborn coughs, pneumonia and other chest infections
    • Natural mouth wash to treat oral disease and kill bacteria that causes bad breath
    • Treats liver issues
    • Helps protect the body from kidney stones
    • Treats skin conditions such as varicose veins, rashes, and redness and helps wounds heal faster
    • Treats joint inflammation (rheumatism) and swelling
    • Fights cancer and reduces the growth of malignant tumors
    • Combats internal parasites that cause dysentery, and also works as treatment against giardiasis, hookworms and roundworms.
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